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Introducing an industry first - Ordermentum's Live Coffee Index.

Having access to powerful industry data and specific food and beverage business information, just as the major retailers and multinational manufacturers do, could be game-changing for your business. Which is why we are so excited to bring you an industry first - a real-time Coffee Index. 

Ordermentum's Coffee Index is a live indicator of the volume and price of wholesale specialty coffee that’s being sold across Australia. Based on b2b orders from cafes to suppliers, it analyses blends, single origin, and decaf coffee beans and provides meaningful insights in real-time.

The live index will give you the ability to perform more accurate order forecasts as well as give you insights in to Australia’s coffee drinking habits, and it will also allow you to better understand the week-to-week ups and downs of the wider market.


Beyond helping coffee roasters with your consumption forecasting and predictive ordering, the coffee index also addresses the three factors that drive the success of a roaster: quality, customer service, and commercial viability.


The data from the index can assist you in managing coffee consistency and freshness by enabling you to accurately predict production volume so you can optimise roast dates.

A cup of coffee is best drunk between 4-14 days from roast. With a more consistent production plan, you’ll be able to control the variation in roast dates your retail customers receive, which results in great-tasting coffee that consumers will truly love.

Customer service

The coffee index can provide you with real-time and accurate reports on product growth, consumer drinking habits, and seasonality, which you can use to better forecast demand and therefore consistently meet your customers' order needs. Correctly estimating how many orders you will receive within a month is critical to being able to successfully fulfil your customer orders and also stay on top of your cash flow.

The index and the data that is available to you will help you ensure you always have stock on hand improving both your Delivered in Full (DIF) and in turn your customer service.

Commercial viability

The index, which is calculated weekly, will help you become more successful in the very competitive specialty coffee sector. With its unique insights and reliable information, you’ll be able to hold lower par levels for stock, improve your working capital, and reduce waste. One of the main goals of the index is to give coffee roasters visibility to help prevent you from wasting time and money due to incorrectly planned consumption during certain periods.

The coffee index isn’t only useful to small-batch coffee roasters; it’s essential for larger suppliers, too. It will give them real-time information on their market share and allow them to compare their sales to the performance of the wider market - a measure that has never been possible before.

The coffee index is what our industry needs to be able to give the small artisan producers and the start-up family businesses the important information they need and deserve, to grow a successful thriving business. If you want to discover more about how the data can help you grow your coffee business and get access to our "global first coffee index", click here.

Meanwhile, for more stories like this, feel free to visit our blog.

Avlya Jacob

Avlya Jacob is a content writer at Ordermentum. When not working, she enjoys writing online novels and spending time with her husband.

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