Ordermentum Coffee Index

The  Coffee Index is  a  real-time  indicator  of  the  volume  and  price  of  wholesale  speciality  coffee  sold  across  Australia. Sign up to see how holiday periods and weather impact sales and what price cafes are paying LIVE

The Australian hospitality sector prides itself on its artisan products and quality. However, these artisan producers and family businesses can never compete with the data and information that multinationals have at their finger tips. Until now, that is!

Over 20% of the specialty coffee industry in Australia trades on Ordermentum, which equates to about 12% of coffee sold in Australia. By analysing the data from the 55, 236 orders (to the value of $15,494,000) from 10,784 venues around the country, Ordermentum can provide LIVE insights and data that even the multinational corporations would give up their morning coffee for.


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The Coffee Index is updated live, for up to the minute data and insight into our global market leading coffee industry.