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Meet the Bakers building their businesses and customer relationships with technology. A must read for all wholesale bakeries. 

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Meet the Bakers building their businesses with technology. The increase in technology solutions within the food and beverage industry, is evidence that many operators are realising the benefits technology can bring. We spoke to some of Australia's leading Bakers who power their customers experience with Ordermentum, and have shared with us their biggest challenges, where they see the industry heading and how they are embracing the technology to help them run their business. 

"There’s no reason to fear a professional ordering app. If anything, it helps a business grow in scale without risk. The sooner you implement it, the easier it is to see your business grow, and you’ll wonder how you ever did anything differently."

Joe Molloy Co-Founder, Rumble

"We have a small team. I like it that way. I don’t want to add a huge army of administrators to process orders, I've managed to keep it just to one key person that processes all our orders instead of adding more people, because what Ordermentum does is it makes the process really efficient so customers can log on and place their orders. It generates invoices for us, it processes payments, and we just do the next steps after that."

Simone Clark, Owner, Butterbing