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tick-1  Access to over 750 artisan and speciality suppliers

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tick-1   All your order history and favourites saved in one place

tick-1   Central source for supplier contacts

tick-1   Spend insights - Supplier spending and trends

tick-1   Access for your whole team, controlled by you

tick-1   Sync to Xero

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Order Management & Logistics

tick-1   Digital Catalogue

tick-1   Special/Live Pricing

tick-1   Pick & Pack Slips

tick-1   Price Grouping

tick-1   Random Weight

tick-1   Account Management

tick-1   Product Customisation

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Payment Suite

tick-1  24-hour settlement time

tick-1   Flexible terms set by customer or by group

tick-1   Auto-reconciliation with your account platform

tick-1   Automatic invoice generation - set to when you want it

tick-1   Invoice Funding

Business Insights

tick-1   Customer churn reduction

tick-1   Best performing

tick-1   Performance by region/product/rep/time

plus icon   Real time business insights

Customer Acquisition

tick-1   One click customer onboarding

tick-1   Custom sign up links (track where your customers come from)

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40,000 hospitality venues and 750+ suppliers use
Ordermentum to reduce their admin, and grow their businesses.

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Get deep business insights

Find out what your customers want and when


Easy payments & better cashflow

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  • Do suppliers have to download an app to use Ordermentum?

    No. Venues can use the app, but suppliers use the web-based solution which means you can use the platform on any device that connects to the Internet – smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Is it easy to setup and customise Ordermentum?

    Yes. Ordermentum is designed as an out of the box solution where you can be setup and using it within a couple of hours. Simply add your product menu & customers and you’re ready to go. 

  • Can I add my own brand to Ordermentum?

    Ordermentum can be tailored to your brand. By uploading your logo and own images, your customers will enjoy a seamless branded ordering & payment experience.

  • Do I have to sign a contract with Ordermentum?

    We require all of our customers to sign a supplier agreement which includes the terms & conditions of using the Ordermentum solution. You are not locked into any contract period and can stop using the solution at any point. 

  • What training & support is available for suppliers Ordermentum?

    On top of the initial face to face/over the phone training to get you up and running, you’ll also have access to user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use the Ordermentum solution.

    You will also have access to ongoing support via chat, email & phone.

  • Can I customise pricing and/or product groups for my customers with Ordermentum?

    Ordermentum is customisable at a group level right down to an individual customer. With Ordermentum you can customise pricing, product visibility and freight amounts.

  • What payment methods are available for my customers?

    Customers have the option of paying by credit card, debit card or direct debit.  You also have the option to set payment terms whether it be when they place their order or delaying payment based on various different rules set by you.

  • How does Ordermentum work with my warehouse/distribution process?

    Ordermentum has pick & pack and delivery functionality meaning it can be used as an end-to-end order, warehouse and distribution solution. We also have a Proof of Delivery add on.

    Alternatively, Ordermentum is built in a way that can be integrated with your current processes to ensure order information can easily be uploaded to your current solutions.

  • After Ordermentum processes payment for my orders, when will I receive my funds?

    Orders paid by credit card are settled daily. Direct debit payments can take up to 3 business days to clear depending on your bank.

  • Do I still need to contact my customers to take orders?

    No. Ordermentum is designed for customers in mind, meaning your sales reps can focus more on new business and not order taking.

    Orders can be placed 24/7 using the iOS app, Android app or via the web. If required, there is functionality to integrate orders from over the phone or in person. 

  • As a wholesaler/distributor, what are the main benefits of using Ordermentum?

    There are multiple benefits of using Ordermentum. Here are our top 5:

    • No upfront development costs. You don't need to fork out large sums of money for a custom built solution. We can have you up and running in hours,  PLUS you benefit from all ongoing enhancements to the product at no extra cost.
    • Reduced sales & admin costs. All orders are placed by customers allowing you to shift the focus of sales & admin to business generating activities.
    • Improved cash flow. Automatic payment via credit card or direct debit means you get your cash faster
    • Reduced bad debts. Payment is inbuilt within Ordermentum, which means you receive your cash quickly, and you spend less time chasing money.
    • Tailored communications & promotions. By creating a personalised digital relationship, you can get your marketing campaigns directly in the hands of the customer. This results in increased sales and average order values.
  • Is Ordermentum integrated with other solutions?

    We’ve built Ordermentum to integrate with a variety of solutions.

    Ordermentum is currently integrated into several accounting & inventory management platforms including Xero, MYOB, Unleashed, Netsuite - and more! 

    Contact us to talk us about integrating with your solutions.

  • How much does Ordermentum cost?

    Ordermentum pricing is based on volume. The more you use it the cheaper it gets.

    Ordermentum has a per invoice charge making it affordable for all businesses. 

  • Can I trial Ordermentum?

    Yes - just head over to the Request a Demo page and you'll be able to get a free trial.