Increase sales by up to 40%

A digital catalogue your way. Your products, your images, and data-led upsell that leads to more sales and customer loyalty.

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"The digital catalogue has enabled our customers to trial different products from the range that they may never have been willing to in the past. The Average Order Value (AOV) is getting higher - which as a business owner is gold!"

Mark Lenga, Founder, Satisfine Foods

A digital catalogue that helps suppliers grow

Showcase your products your way

Showcase your products your way

A one-size-fits-all approach won’t maximise sales. But a catalog that’s simple to use and beautifully reflects your products and brand, will. 

New products ready to sell in 21 seconds

New products ready to sell in 21 seconds

We’re your launchpad to test products, sell seasonal stock, or clear excess stock - all with lightning-fast edits and quick edits to pricing.

Easy upsell and 40% more sales

Easy upsell and 40% more sales

Your customers will find things they didn’t know you sold, and our data-led recommendations all lead to up to 40% more sales over two years. 

Showcase your business

Showcase your products your way

Generic images and stock-standard layouts don’t entice your customers to buy. But a digital catalogue that reflects your brand and your products, will. 

Your digital catalogue is created specially for busy suppliers. With no effort, you can beautifully showcase your products (with your own images), and share what makes you different. 

With the flexibility to sell variants, to charge by weight, and to track stock, you’ll have an effective sales channel that’s completely within your control. 

Alyse Filipuzzi, Founder, HRVST StReal Friends


Reduce customer acquisition costs by four times with 20x ROI

New products ready to sell in 21 seconds

Whether you want to test something new, create a new line, sell excess stock, or sell seasonal products, you’ll have a launchpad that takes you straight to selling. 

Sell products for a day, a week, or ongoing. And you can also make lightning-fast pricing edits and customise products and pricing for different customers or groups. 

All fast, all easy, all designed to make selling your products a no-brainer. 


Matt Fragomeli, Owner, Forest Food Co


Loyal customers and regular orders

Easy upsell and 40% more sales

Want to increase customer basket size? We’ve got the right product placement and in-app nudges about items they didn’t even know you sold. 

Want new customers? We have data-led recommendations to target customers who want exactly what you sell. 

With an up to 40% buying increase over two years (compared to phone or email orders), we know it works. 

Best of all, when your customers find it seamless to order, you’ll build relationships for the long-term. Win-win. 


Alyse Filipuzzi, Founder, HRVST StReal Friends-1


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