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Insights gives suppliers like you the tools to retain your customers & make business decisions with confidence

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"We keep track of things like wholesale sales, retail sales, and wages. I can just go into Insights and in two clicks know the wholesale sales from a particular time period…. Previously I tried to do that just using Xero and it was a nightmare."

Adam Marley, Co-Founder, Monastery Coffee

Real-time data and reports that help you trade smarter


Easily retain and grow your customer base

Gain visibility on your top customers and their ordering patterns. See when ordering behaviour changes so you can take fast action before you lose them.


Know what sells - and sell more of it

See what’s selling moment to moment, and slice the data so you can forecast sales and confidently make changes that’ll have a big impact.


High performing sales and customer service

Know who’s performing well at a glance. Schedule staff appropriately, and give them the tools to do better with insights on product sales, product mixes, and customer trends.


Understand your customers so that you keep them

With so much to do every day, it’s easy to overlook changes in your customer’s ordering patterns. Then, before you know it, it’s been three months since their last order…and now you’ve lost them. 

Insights gives you clear actionable data that shows sales, active customers, and average order value. You’ll know instantly when there are changes to how your top customers order. Conversely, you’ll be able to see when your customers start ordering more - which all leads to better relationships over the long term.



Know your own patterns - and make confident decisions

A beautifully displayed, customisable dashboard gives you visibility on trends right now, and trends over the long term.  

You’ll know which products sell best, when they sell best, and why. Compare month on month, or year on year and see the patterns that emerge. 

When you understand  your business like this,  you can forecast sales, streamline production, manage stock more effectively, and confidently change direction if you need to.



Optimise your sales team

You can rely on anecdotal evidence to know who’s performing and who’s not - or you can rely on data that’ll help you manage your sales team with confidence. 

You’ll be able to schedule staff better, and know when you need to upskill or who you need to reward. 

On the flipside, your sales team will perform better using Insights for statistics on sales, product mixes, and customer trends.



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Insights FAQs

  • How do I set up Insights?

    If you are already on Ordermentum, you get one free license for a month to see for yourself how beneficial insights can be and then you can choose to opt in. Just let your Success Manager know!

  • How much does Insights cost?

    Get in touch with our sales team, who’ll be able to guide you through costs once you’ve used up your free license. 

  • What is support like?

    Friendly support is available via phone, email and chat, Monday to Friday during business hours. 

  • Who would benefit from Insights?

    Different people in your business will be interested in different insights. For example, an operations/strategy focussed role  may look at average basket size, whereas a salesperson may be interested in customers-at-risk, trending products ,or best-sellers. 

    Regardless of your role, Insights provides a snapshot of information that will help you make better decisions.

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