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Born out of the realisation that business to business ordering was not keeping pace with the significant technical advances in the consumer web ordering landscape, Adam Theobald and Andrew Low founded Ordermentum in 2014.

The best thing about Ordermentum is that our team has significant experience working in and with the food and beverage sector. Ordermentum brings together a unique combination of supplier, retail and technology experience in the food and beverage sector.


What People Are Saying

Everyone gets their orders in on time now

By using Ordermentum we’re able to forecast order numbers more accurately. This means we have exact numbers and there’s hardly any wastage when forecasting our sourdough that is proofed two days out.

— Justin Chapman, General Manager, Luxe Bakery

It saves me so much time!

By implementing Ordermentum as our ordering platform of choice, we've drastically improved our cashflow as most of our customers pay by credit card now.

— John Wayne, Director, Bread & Butter Project

Our staff time is much better used now

Ordermentum has saved us so much time, by replacing manual work and virtually eliminating keying erros. This means our team has been able to focus on building great customer relationships instead!

— Sarah Smith, National Sales Manager, Lion

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