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"My customers pay when they place their order so I’m not worrying about chasing cash or waiting for payment. It also means I can easily take on a lot of new customers, and don’t have to worry about orders not being paid for."

Diogo Ferreira, Owner, Tuga Pastries

Automatic payments for wholesalers and suppliers


Customer relationships that don’t feel transactional

Get paid automatically or on terms. Either way, you never have to talk about it, so you can foster relationships that are about more than just money.


Easy accounting so you can go home on time

Save hours to days (yes, days) of time with auto-reconciliation. Plus, you can integrate your existing platforms for accounting that takes care of itself.


Smooth cashflow & same day settlement (at no extra cost!)

We don’t hold on to your payments. Get same day bank deposits at no extra cost, meaning better cash flow and less bad debt.


Talk to your customers instead of chasing payment

Whether you want to get paid upfront or on terms, or whether you prefer credit card instead of direct debit - you never have to talk about it. Instead you can spend time having conversations that matter to your customers, and cultivate relationships that are about more than just money. 

Better yet, your customers will love it too. When you securely store their payment details, it reduces their admin, allows them to earn credit card points, and makes the process of ordering and paying you a pleasure.




Save hours to days of time - yes, days - with simplified accounting

If there’s one thing that suppliers like you dread, it’s the hours and hours wasted on tedious invoicing and reconciliation. 

With automatic payments, you have automatic paperless invoicing, and plug-n-play auto-reconciliation with Xero and MYOB. There are also over 1800 other integrations with platforms like Unleashed, FlexiBake, GlobalBake,  Ostendo, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, and SAP that make your accounting and operations a breeze. 

With the amount of time you’ll save, you turn your resources toward high-impact activities and business growth.




Cash in your account before your customers get their goods

We are the speediest in the industry, with cash in your account 5 x faster than the industry average, and on the same day for credit card payment…all at no extra cost. 

When payments are seamless like this, you’ll experience the joy of constant cashflow, and reduced bad debt.  In fact, our stats show that suppliers who adopt up-front payments across all their customer have zero bad debt. It really is the simplest change you can make for a healthier business.



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