How savvy hospo venues find high-quality suppliers

When you're a venue, finding high quality suppliers can be difficult. We outline how to make this task easier, so you can spend less time on admin and more time on running your venue.

Finding a new supplier doesn't need to be a stressful experience. When you use Ordermentum, it can be a piece of cake! Keep reading to find out how we'll help you to find your perfect (supplier) match ❤️

Never miss out on new and exciting products

This is the closest you'll get to the real life experience of walking into your supplier's warehouse! Just like the tables of 'specials', 'new products; and 'staff picks' you'd see in person, suppliers can highlight these products on the Ordermentum app so that you never miss out on an opportunity to update or improve what you offer to your customers.

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All the updates and info you need, in one place

Venue owners love how organised and in control they feel, knowing that they're always on top of all of any important updates from their suppliers, which they easily find on the front page of their supplier's Digital Catalogue. 

The simple and brilliant 'About' page is the place you can get all the info you need about trading with this supplier, helping you find out more about their business as well as their minimum order value, free freight threshold, payment terms, and payment methods. 

High-quality photos of real products  📸

Taking the guess work and luck out of ordering new products, high quality photos help you to buy the best produce available in your area and when your order arrives, you'll feel confident you're receiving exactly what you ordered. 

Delivery is always in your area

Too many venues have been disappointed when they search on Google for a new supplier, as they get excited about these cool looking products and then quickly find out that they don't deliver to their area.

The great thing about Ordermentum is that we only allow you to connect with the suppliers who deliver to your area, making searching for a new supplier a super positive experience.

Get to know your supplier and their team through video 🎥

There's nothing like getting to meet a potential supplier in person, but as many venue owners don't have the time to travel for meetings, this is the next best thing. Suppliers have the option to upload videos about themselves, which helps you as a business owner feel connected to a business that you've likely never heard of before. 

Whether you’re a venue or a supplier, we’re always updating you on the latest updates and ways to get the most from Ordermentum. Check out all product updates.

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