High quality leads and 20x ROI

Growth Engine matches suppliers like you to thousands of venues ready to buy your product

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“It just blows my mind that you can be opened up to so many different potential customers, and it’s just a bonus to be able to grow your business at the same time as using a really beneficial platform.”

Alexandra Szwarcberg-Poch, Allie’s Cold Pressed Juices

How Growth Engine helps suppliers grow


An automated
sales funnel

Showcase your business to 40,000 active potential customers


Acquisition costs you’ll boast about

Reduce customer acquisition costs by four times - with 20 x ROI!*


Loyal customers who keep ordering

Not just a one time thing. Build relationships and get regular orders

*Based on acquisition costs
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Showcase your business to 40,000 venue customers

When you sign up to Ordermentum, you’ll transform your business with Australia’s favourite ordering and payments platform. Then, once you qualify for Growth Engine,  you’ll also get a sales rep that never sleeps. 

Using powerful algorithms and your existing digital catalog, we match your business and your products to 40,000 active venues already using the easy way to find new suppliers and products.

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Reduce customer acquisition costs by four times...with 20x ROI

Our research shows that traditionally, CAC for each new customer can cost a supplier between $2,100 and $4,200. 

Using Growth Engine, you could end up paying less than a quarter of that and getting 20x ROI on every dollar you spend on acquisition. That’s because you’ll end up spending a lot less time on sales - and could even reduce your headcount. 




Loyal customers and regular orders

Regular customers are the lifeblood of your business. That’s why we help you find customers - but we also help you keep them. 

Once a customer makes a first order with you, our dedicated venue concierge team will follow up to facilitate a second order. After that, the ease of ordering through an intuitive app is what makes them stick. 

Features like standing orders and a high quality digital catalogue mean that customers who order through Ordermentum have a 40% larger average basket size than those who don’t.




Growth Engine: changing the lives of our suppliers


  • What is Growth Engine?

    Growth Engine is an add-on feature for existing Ordermentum suppliers. You’ll be invited to join Growth Engine once your business qualifies. 

    Our powerful recommendation engine uses your existing digital catalogue, and connects you with engaged venue owners, chefs, baristas, bartenders, and managers hungry to start ordering your products.

  • How much does Growth Engine cost?

    There are no upfront costs or recurring subscription fees Growth Engine. The only cost is the 5% ongoing Growth Engine fee,  payable only when your Growth Engine customer makes an order. 

    What makes Growth Engine so cost-effective is the low CAC (customer acquisition cost) and high ROI. 

    We’ve found that traditional customer acquisition costs for suppliers with high-performing sales team can cost $2,100 and $4,200 for every new customer. When suppliers use Growth Engine, they end up paying four times less CAC, and there’s 20x ROI on ever dollar spent on (based on acquisition costs through Growth Engine).

    Ask us more about Growth Engine fees and why they work out better for you in the long term. 

  • Can I just sign up for Growth Engine on Ordermentum?

    You must be using Ordermentum for ordering to utilise the benefits of Growth Engine. You will be invited once your business qualifies.

  • Will my customers see other suppliers like me?

    We are supplier first in our methodology. Therefore joining the network is not a risk, but a way to  grow in a protected environment that’s set up for your benefit. 

    Your active customers will be blocked from seeing any recommendations of other suppliers of competitive categories.

    We pride ourselves on a higher customer retention rate than achieved via manual ordering processes. We don’t encourage switching suppliers, nor do we facilitate price matching or price comparisons by product or supplier. 

  • How long does it take to get leads from Growth Engine?

    Our recommendation engine requires a certain volume of order data from your existing customers  so that we can understand the buying behaviours and patterns of your typical customers. This allows us to better match you with new customers.

    Additionally, it can take a bit of time to drive good market penetration, especially with niche product ranges. 

    To optimise leads, we encourage all Growth Engine suppliers to learn best practices from our Growth Engine Supplier Success team. This training and guidance ensures you’re presenting your products and brand in the best possible light, and ensures venues are getting the information they need to confidently place an order or enquiry with you.

  • What if my customers find other suppliers on Growth Engine?

    Some suppliers worry about customers finding other suppliers on Growth Engine. What we’ve found is that venues who find suppliers on Growth Engine are looking for a new supplier because they want a certain product, or they simply want to make a change.

    The platform gives them the ability to find suppliers easily, but in our experience, venues don’t leave suppliers that they are happy with.

  • What happens if I don’t action the leads I receive?

    Contacting a venue within 24-48 hours after their initial connection request is best practice and the best way to encourage a first order with a new customer.

    If incoming leads are not accepted or rejected by you in this timeframe, then the lead will expire and you will miss the chance to convert them into a customer.

  • What if I acquire a customer who never orders?

    You don’t need to pay any fees for customers who never order from you.