Epic night! Beyond the Bar with Sample Coffee

We share our insights and images from Beyond the Bar, a vibrant night of togetherness for the coffee community.

Coffee is more than just a hot beverage. It's a culture, a multi-billion dollar industry, and a way of life for many people in Australia and around the world.

On Friday, March 31st, a panel and community meet-up called Beyond the Bar, was held to  discuss the current state of coffee work in Sydney, and the ways in which coffee businesses can go ‘beyond the bar’ to create a more sustainable and impactful industry. 

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The event was held at Old Gold Cafe in Chippendale. A diverse group of coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals attended, and the panel was moderated by Rowan Grover and featured Rowena Chansiri (@icklecoffee), Linda Jenny (@tobysestatecoffee), Jimi Biasetto (@ourfather.cafe), and Cindy Xiang (@westendespresso).

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What the panelists discussed

The panelists discussed various aspects of sustainability in coffee, from environmental sustainability to social sustainability, and economic sustainability. They talked about the challenges facing the industry, such as climate change, supply chain issues, and labor rights, and shared their ideas for creating a more sustainable and equitable industry.

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After the panel, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions, mingle, and enjoy some coffee, nibbles, and refreshments generously supplied by Heaps Normal and Capital Brewing Co., Sample Coffee and West End Espresso. There was also a goodies raffle with prizes donated by local friends Magnolia Mountain, Ciccone & Sons, and 9 Degrees Alexandria.

This event was part of B Corp Month, a global campaign highlighting how B Corporations are transforming the economic system for the better. Sample  Coffee, Heaps Normal and Capital Brewing are certified B Corporations working in the hospitality industry.

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It was such a great opportunity for the coffee community to have fun, come together, learn from each other, and take action towards creating a more sustainable industry.  

As coffee lovers, we all have a role to play in supporting sustainable coffee practices and advocating for a better future for coffee workers and the environment. Let's continue to go ‘beyond the bar’ and create positive change in the coffee industry!