4 hot features for savvy suppliers at Christmas

We find that our most successful suppliers utilise all of Ordermentum’s features so that they sail through to the New Year with less admin and stress. Find out more.


Getting December right for any business is crucial. In fact, our data shows that many of our suppliers make a large chunk of their annual income during the festive season.

Get your Ordermentum account prepared for Xmas

We find that our most successful suppliers utilise all of Ordermentum’s features so that they can sail through to the New Year with less admin and stress.

In this blog, we’ll take you through exactly what you should be doing to get prepped so you can keep your customers happy and save a tonne of time.

1. Avoid disappointed customers with our new Stock Tracking feature

Scrambling for stock and adjusting orders when you’ve run out of stock is the last thing you want to do during the frantic Christmas rush.

The new Stock Tracking feature stops your customers from overordering your limited stock products. It’s perfect for specials on stock you want to get rid of, and really is the easiest way to reduce the disappointment created by overselling.

Navigate to Stock Tracking:

Go to Settings > Features > Turn on Stock Tracking.

You can then go to each limited stock product you like, enable Stock tracking, and set the amount that you have.

"Stock Tracking is working perfectly for our limited Christmas items" - Rachel Hahn, Thompson's Pies


2. Keep your customers updated with your delivery schedule

If you’re going to be closed or not delivering during the public holidays, it’s a great idea to update your Ordermentum account so that your customers are able to plan ahead.

Read our help guide to learn how to use the scheduling feature to make sure you are up to date for all the upcoming public holidays.

3. Write a note to keep your customers in the loop

Writing a note is the easiest way to inform your customers about product specials, changes to delivery times, and when you’re open (or not). All you need to do is leave a note on the front page of your Digital Catalogue for new and existing customers, and they’ll immediately get any important info before they go to order.

Where to write a note:

Go to Settings > click Branding > Leave a note for your existing customers

We added a note for our customers about our Halloween Cupcakes and then our sales numbers went up!” - Rachel Hahn, Thompson's Pies

4. Use categories to showcase popular Christmas items

Highlight your most popular Christmas products - and make them even more popular! Creating a new category for all of your most popular Christmas products and limited edition or Christmas-themed products and place it near the top of your digital catalogue.

If you need more help creating or adding products, or sorting categories, see these helpful guides:

See here for the easy and intuitive way to set up visibility groups.

There you have it! We hope you’ve collected some useful advice and handy tips for your most successful Christmas yet.

Any questions about how we can help you supercharge your festive trading period? Reach out to our amazing support team here.

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