Rumble Coffee Roasters: "Puts us in a better mood"

Rumble Coffee Roasters represents the qualities of so many Australian start-up roasters – small, passionate and determined to offer a quality product.


In the industrial laneways of Kensington in Melbourne, Stan Bicknell, Matt Hampton and Joe Molloy have made their roastery a home away from home.

An elaborate drum kit sits in the lounge – that’s Stan’s domain, a punching bag and boxing gloves hang in the corner, and weights and gym equipment in the other. In the office playground however, are two 15- kilogram roasters, stacked bags of hessian sacks with the latest bean arrivals from Colombia and Kenya, and a cupping station fit for an international competition.

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To the three Rumble amigos, this place is an embodiment of them – bright, fun and devoted. Like many small roasters making their way into the competitive Australian market, Matt says it’s taken two years of hard work and persistence to stand in the healthy position Rumble Roasters now finds itself in. “In the beginning, finding new customers was a struggle. Slowly but surely word of mouth has been our best friend. This industry is about interaction, meeting people to form a relationship, which we think comes first, and providing amazing coffee a close second,” Matt says.

With a growing book of clients, and incoming orders, Joe says he was eager to look into a mobile ordering and payment app that could streamline the growing numbers of orders his team was trying to accommodate. He first met Ordermentum Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Low at the 2016 Melbourne International Coffee Expo, and the rest as they say, is history.

Ordermentum is designed specifically for the food and beverage industry. Its platform connects businesses to retail customers and allows them to customise pricing, trading terms and payment methods.  “It came at a good time. Before Ordermentum we took orders via text, emails, phone calls, smoke signals, whatever our customers wanted."  Although we tried to regulate it to email for greater control,” Joe says.

Time mapping tests have confirmed that making an order via Ordermentum is quicker than typing a text order – 15 seconds to be exact. With customised daily auto submit orders, users don’t even need to log in, and for the supplier, orders go straight into their accounting system.

According to Ordermentum’s Andrew, many businesses have the perception that implementing a new ordering system is “time consuming” and “inconvenient”, but he wants to prove otherwise. “Too often we’ll hear a business say: ‘We’re too busy, we’re too small for that,’ or ‘we can’t make it a priority but will come back to the idea later.’ In fact, installing Ordermentum takes nothing more than a phone call. You don’t actually have to do anything. We do all the work, you just have to push a button,” Andrew says.

Joe attests. “The installation was easier than I could have imagined. I was prepared to dedicate time to getting it set up, but there was no need. Over a couple of weeks we gently introduced the new system to our customers and talked them through it. All but two of our customers have since adapted to Ordermentum really well, with two preferring a traditional way of doing business over the phone, and that’s done by us,” Joe says.

For small businesses such as Rumble, Joe says there’s no reason to fear a professional ordering app. If anything, he says it helps a business grow in scale without risk. “The sooner you implement it, the easier it is to see your business grow, and you’ll wonder how you ever did anything differently,” he says. “When you’re on the verge of hiring an administration person to manage all your orders, that’s when alarm bells should be ringing to make the change, if not before.”

“The installation was easier than I could have imagined. I was prepared to dedicate time to getting it set up, but there was no need. The simple layout of the app gives our customers a clear display of the products and services we offer. We can already see an upwards spike in customers purchasing additional accessories at the same time as making their regular order,” Joe says.

“Everyone shops with their eyes and if they can see the AeroPress, chai, panela or hot chocolate products and add them to their purchase list, it saves them making additional orders and us doing separate deliveries. Encouraging add-ons is not always addressed in a conversation, but we can see our customers prefer it via the app. We’ve even seen our T-shirt sales increase. Who would have thought?”

For regular orders, the Ordermentum app includes a saved favourite function for retailers, and for suppliers, automatic reminders can be scheduled without the client having to make a weekly ring-around to remind customers to place their order at inconvenient times when they’re packing up or serving customers.

“At the end of the day we’re roasters who love what we do. We didn’t get into this industry to chase payments and invoices and stress about collecting orders from clients who won’t answer the phone. We’d rather spend time serving our customers, sourcing better coffee and producing the best product we can. I actually think Ordermentum has put us in a better mood too because we’re less stressed,” Matt says. 

Two months after Rumble Roasters started using Ordermentum, Joe said he anwas able to see a direct correlation to increased consumer purchases.

Want your stress levels to decrease and your mood to increase? Ordermentum for your wholesale business will help you achieve just that. Book a demo now to see why Rumble Coffee Roasters are so happy with their decision. 

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