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Fleurieu Milk started as a collective of local dairy farmers who wanted to change the way they did business and ensure they were sustainable long term.

No other industry deals with the price and production pressures that the dairy industry does, and Fleurieu Milk knows better than anyone that getting your business processes right is one of the keys to success in an industry with such tight margins.

Now selling direct to 600-700 customers and processing about 120,000 L per week. But growing this quickly has meant Fleurieu has seen, and overcome, its fair share of challenges. One of those challenges was ordering. Orders were coming through in all sorts of different ways, from contacting drivers direct, phoning the office and requesting orders be passed on, and some would even expect the drivers to carry all sorts of extra stock so they could grab extra milk on the spot.

Fleurieu knew it was important to fix the ordering problem, not just because it was a hassle (for company and customers) to take orders in so many fragmented ways, but because a smooth ordering process inevitably leads to smooth production.  By getting all orders in on time, by one method, and direct into a technology system, it eliminated errors and solved countless hours of collating orders that had come in via delivery drivers (who weren't always equipped to take them), reception, and various other members of the team. Then, the team could get straight on to planning production and distribution - knowing right away what needed to go where and when the following day.

"Ordermentum has made life a lot easier for us, to connect production to deliveries to accounting and make sure that our company flows through to customers in a way that we're happy with and are confident in, going forward."

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Payments was the other huge challenge for Fleurieu, some customers run on 7 day accounts, some on 30, and some are very hard to get money out of altogether. By setting up payment through Ordermentum, Fleurieu could retain the trading terms their customers preferred, and on that 7th or 30th day could automatically charge customers by direct debit or credit card.

And for those that had a difficult track record? These customers could have their orders paid up front prior to delivery, to completely eliminate cashflow issues
By solving the payment problems, manual labour and chasing debt has been completely minimised.

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