Mascavado, Adelaide: We don't even have to order. They just bring the coffee in”

Mascavado’s coffee supplier even takes care of the ordering through the Ordermentum app - so they click their fingers, and the coffee appears!

In 2020, a lovely little patisserie opened on Hutt Street in Adelaide: Mascavado. 

With a clean and simple fit-out, it’s where locals and visitors alike go for croissants, cinnamon scrolls, choux pastries, brownies, blondies, and more.


They also visit for the supremely good coffee, and so, of course, there must be a regular supply of quality beans, which Muscovado orders through Ordermentum from Monastery Coffee.

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Speaking to one of the lovely staff,  we found out that because of the app, their coffee ordering has become totally automated.

“We just tell them [Monastery], hey, we're running out of coffee, and they just send us more. Same for decaf. We also order chai powder.” 

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For busy cafes, having a regular supply of coffee without having to do any admin behind it is a lifesaver.

While most venues will order their supplies through the app, Muscavado has an arrangement with Monastery, where they just let them know where their coffee is at. Monastery then processes the order through Ordermentum - and the coffee turns up.


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“We used to order through the app ourselves. But now they just do all the back-end.  All we do is just tell them what we've got left. We don't even have to order it. They just bring the coffee in, and then they get the invoice.” 

We are so proud to support local venues who are making the cities and towns they’re in so much better to live in. Thank you for what you do, Muscavado!

Don’t forget, Ordermentum has hundreds of suppliers for you to choose from! Get browsing today.

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