Four Ate Five in Surry Hills: "I wish all my suppliers were on Ordermentum"

Why Jess can't go back to the old way of ordering for her popular venue.

A Surry Hills favourite, Fouratefive has been serving Single O coffee, Middle Eastern inspired food, hearty sandwiches, healthy salads, superfood smoothies and home-made cakes since 2009.

During the week, this buzzy cafe attracts a local crowd, but on weekends the crowds flock, and you may have to wait for your shakshuka or breakfast plate. 

With such a popular venue, owner Jess Dufficy has her hands full - and like any venue owner/manager, she’s always looking for ways to save time.

Initially, Jess was brought on to Ordermentum by one of her suppliers who wanted all their venues to order through the app. 

“At first, I was overwhelmed. This is many years ago - I’ve just always been someone who isn’t good with change…I think I felt most reluctant not being able to talk to the supplier and having just to do it all through the app...But as time has gone on, it’s been very easy to use.” 

Over time though, Jess has discovered how easy the app makes running her venue. She can speak with her suppliers as and when she needs to, but finds the app drastically reduces her admin. 

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Jess with one of her suppliers, Single O

“I now find it really annoying with the couple of companies that are still doing handwritten invoices. When I’m calculating invoices, there might be one that’s lost.  Whereas on Ordermentum, if I’ve lost one invoice, I just go into the invoices section and print it off again. It’s just good to have it all in one place.”

Having a record of orders means less disputes, whereas on occasion there’s confusion around bill payment. “They’ll say, ‘you didn’t pay this bill on January 16’ and I’ll say ‘I don’t have it because the piece of paper probably just flew somewhere.'” 

Jess also feels reassured by the standing order feature. "Sometimes we also forget to order, but that’s saved by having standing orders in place for staples.  If a barista forgets to order milk, we might not get exactly what we need, but milk will be coming regardless.”

The only issue? Jess wishes more of her suppliers were on Ordermentum.

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Serving coffee at Fouratefive

“It’s just easy. Especially now I've got so many suppliers on the one app, I literally open Ordermentum. I do bread, milk, coffee - and it's all linked to my credit card. It's paid. I know it's paid. I get regular emails, regular messages.

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“Honesty, I'm not just saying it. I really like Ordermentum…I genuinely wish my other suppliers would go on Ordermentum.”

Ordermentum is the most popular ordering and payment platform for venues in Australia. Find out more, or download the app now. 

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