Pawa, Melbourne: “Love that you don’t have to fill out a 20 page supplier form”

This unique and inventive venue loves the convenience of being able to find and order products straight-away.

Pawa Cafe & Bar brings together native ingredients and familiar foods to create truly special dishes. With a focus on ethical and sustainable practices, Pawa works with a network of Indigenous native food growers, farmers and foragers to build their menu.

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In 2023, Niyoka Bundle and husband Vincent Manning founded Pawa Cafe and Bar, based off their first business Pawa Catering, that they founded in 2019. 

With plenty of experience in catering and hospitality, coupled with Niyoka’s Indigenous roots, the pair decided they’d start something on their own, creating a food business with the twist of native ingredients. And it’s this point of differentiation that attracts their customers, says Niyoka. 

Like any venue or food business, Pawa has had its challenges. There are wages, the slowing down of the hospitality industry in Melbourne post-COVID, and the ongoing search for new suppliers. 

For these reasons, Pawa turned to Ordermentum to help the business operate more smoothly. We speak to Niyoka about her experience with the platform.

Why and when did you first start using Ordermentum?

I was just looking for an easier way to order in one place, and we started using it about a year ago. 

How do you use Ordermentum at your venue?

We use it to order everything, and it’s so easy.  It really has changed our operations dramatically because we don't need to do the old-school ring and order. That’s also why I love the Chat function - it saves me having to make calls…I really don’t like talking on the phone! 

All my suppliers are on there, and I dip in and out of different suppliers on any given week. I have three main suppliers, but there are lots of others I order from, depending on what’s happening at the time. 

We order our cakes, our breads to make our toasties , and I recently changed fruit and veg supplier.

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How has Ordermentum helped you with running your venue?

Before, you had to email orders through - we had to do that with Spurrell Foraging, for example. But now we can just do it through the system and everything is tracked - it’s just better, it’s great. 

I also love seeing closure dates - it means I don’t have to check who is open and when.

What do you love most about using Ordermentum?

I love that you don’t have to fill out a 20 page supplier form, and I love how easy the delivery is. I give suppliers the  log-in instructions to get into our warehouse. They just punch in a code, and then my goods are just there waiting for me.

How do you use Ordermentum to find new suppliers?

I’m always looking for new ingredients and products, and it’s just so helpful. If I need a new product, I just search on Ordermentum, and then bang, it’s there. Otherwise, I’d have to go through the whole annoying process of googling, and then filling out forms. 

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Who are some new suppliers that you’ve discovered?

I found Wonderpies on there, I found Wellness by Tess…and Feelgood Foods were another. 

These suppliers weren’t on there before, but now they are, and it’s great!

What do you think of the digital catalogue?

I love the digital catalogue. I just love being able to see pictures of what I’m ordering. 

I hate when you order from a non-Ordermentum supplier and you can’t see the pictures of what you’re getting. 

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What do you think of the venue insights function?

Venue Insights - I see my average spend, and it helps me keep track of where I’ve spent too much. It’s great for sales data and it breaks it down in to each supplier so you can see your spend clearly.

Have you signed up to Ordermentum Rewards?

I’m going to. I think the Rewards program is a real bonus…I thought ’yes!” when I saw it!

Any other feedback?

I order consistently, but I also like to try different things. 

So the only thing I want is to get more suppliers on there, because if they were on there, I would definitely use them. 

Overally, I’m just so happy I found it - it just helps ticks things off.

We are so proud to support local venues who are making the cities and towns they’re in so much better to live in. Thank you for what you do, Pawa!

Don’t forget, Ordermentum has hundreds of suppliers for you to choose from! Get browsing today. 

Ordermentum is the most popular ordering and payment platform for venues in Australia. Find out more, or download the app now. 

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