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Order when you want

You’re busy during the day, and suppliers are out of office when you finally have time for paperwork. With Ordermentum, you can order in one click, when it suits you.


Text reminders

Never miss cutoff again. Get a text message an hour before cutoff to remind you to place your order.


Standing Orders

Set recurring orders or schedule forward orders and eliminate hours of admin.


No more waiting on hold 

Make your own instant order edits and access your order history and invoices when you need them.


Access for the whole team

Maintain your supplier contacts even if a team member leaves so you never lose a relationship again.

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How It Works

Ordermentum provides a seamless workflow to support all steps in the ordering process, with a super easy to use app!

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    Receive Reminder

  • Step-2-Icon.png


    Place Order

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    Instantly Confirmed


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    Supplier Fulfills

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    Order Delivered


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    Payment Terms Set

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    Automatic Payment

Eliminate the admin

Ordermentum comes with a suite of features to make ordering from your suppliers fast, easy and mobile.

Mobile App

Log in on your phone and place an order in just a few clicks.

Your orders, in your time

Place your orders when it suits you, not when your supplier happens to have office hours

Pre-schedule your orders

Place an order for any date in the future. Save time by pre-scheduling your orders in advance.

Refer A Supplier

Orderementum is free for retailers, but requires your suppliers to be set up on the platform. If you would like to start ordering from your suppliers with Ordermentum, enter their details below and we will contact them and introduce them to Ordermentum.

Customer Stories


Everyone gets their orders in on time now

By using Ordermentum we’re able to forecast order numbers more accurately. This means we have exact numbers and there’s hardly any wastage when forecasting our sourdough that is proofed two days out.
— Justin Chapman, General Manager, Luxe Bakery

You’ll wonder how you ever did anything differently!

We can already see an upwards spike in customers purchasing additional accessories at the same time as making their regular order.

— Joe Molloy, Rumble Coffee Roasters

Ordermentum has been instrumental in helping us with cash flow.

We now have 90% of our clients paying via Ordermentum and most of our orders are now prepaid.

— Jennie McClelland, ONA Coffee

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