“We had a few pain points which were mainly payment processing and anyone who has a small business knows that collecting money can be this really delicate little topic that you don’t want to talk about too much with your customers.”

Simone Clark, Owner, Butterbing

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butter mafia 2-1

How Butter Mafia Grew By Eliminating Admin

A passionate dessert maker, Kenn Chia began selling his delicious creations to a local restaurant, fitting his baking schedule around his day job as a lawyer. 

Ordermentum has helped Butter Mafia grow by automating orders, freeing up hours of Kenn’s time. “When we started it was a whiteboard and then after the whiteboard we went to a Google Sheet. It was me checking in with all the customers one by one and then putting orders into the sheet and then invoicing then payments. It took a really really long time. You can't get the time back once a time when it’s gone”

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How Di Pacci got their cashflow under control

 Starting by running a coffee cart in Marrickville, Di Pacci grew  from one cart to two, to a cafe, to roasting his own organic, fair trade beans and now supplying over 350 cafes nationwide. 

However, cashflow challenges were a huge hindrance to growth. “If your orders are going out and no-one’s paying them, then you're gonna get to a point where you can't pay your own bills and your own staff. Then you're going to go under.”


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How Wellness By Tess Grew With Ordermentum

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How Bread & Butter Project cured "Death By Excel"

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Luxe Bakery now gets all their orders in before cutoff

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Bad payers cost Italpane $80,000 before Ordermentum

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Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 2.54.36 pm

Three Mills Streamlined Production Reports with Ordermentum

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Butterbing Customer story

Butterbing uses Ordermentum to promote new product lines

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ona coffee

Learn how ONA Coffee transitioned 90% of their clients to upfront payments

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How Mmmore uses Ordermentum to deal with bad payers

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How Nook took back control and orders on their own schedule

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St David Image

St David Dairy's explosive growth meant they turned to Ordermentum to streamline their business processes

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How Ordermentum helped Fleurieu Milk streamline processes and data from accounting to production and delivery.

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