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Find out what Australian Food and Beverage retailers have to say about their suppliers. From their biggest challenges to how they prefer to interact, the survey produced a raft of fascinating, actionable insights to help wholesalers better serve their customers. 

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In an industry first, we surveyed our 6,257 Australian food and beverage retail venues (cafes, bars and restaurants) to find out their biggest challenges when dealing with suppliers, and what suppliers can do to build better relationships and increase orders.

Insights like these are a huge help to create the right tools, technology and processes so the retailers and suppliers trading on our platform can grow and succeed.

Read the survey to find out:

  • The biggest challenges retailers face when dealing with suppliers
  • What is most improtant in a supplier, according to retail venues
  • What suppliers can do to improve relationships
  • How and when retailers prefer to order
  • What and when retailers want to hear from their suppliers
  • What steps can be taken to solve these challenges

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