Get more orders & get paid 5 x faster
Over 32,000 venues love using Australia’s largest ordering platform to order from and pay their suppliers - and to discover new suppliers.
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ordering with ordermentum

Give your customers the easy way to order 

Ordermentum provides mobile, 1-click ordering for your customers.
They order more. They order on time. 
You get paid faster. You save time. Your business grows. 


Connect with 32,000+ venues

Get orders from your existing venues - and connect with thousands of new ones.

Easy, automated payment

Never chase customers and get paid 5 x faster.
instantly confirmed

Insights for business performance

Scale your business with real time reporting at a glance.

easy sales

Make it easier to sell your products 

An outdated ordering and payment process makes it hard to increase your sales and leads to poor cash flow.  Ordermentum solves both these problems, so you can stop worrying and start growing. 

text reminders
Text Reminders
Remind your customers when orders are due via text, email or push notification.
standing orders
Standing Orders
Let your customers set recurring orders, so they never miss cutoff again
No more waiting
Payments when you want
Charge your customers instantly or charge them according to pre-agreed terms. Tailor payment per customer.
Access for the whole team
Custom pricing and products
Easily customise the pricing and products at group and individual levels, so each customer sees their own deals and offers.
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Connect with Australia's

Top Venues

With Ordermentum, you'll be part of the largest group of artisan and specialty suppliers in Australia, easily accessed by 28,000 of Australia's top venues. Venues can re-order with one click and pay you automatically. Best of all, our Growth Engine feature means you'll easily be able to find new customers and keep growing your business. 

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Automation is your friend

Save time on boring admin

Ordermentum is where venues and suppliers connect to increase efficiency and grow their businesses.  Your existing venues can order and pay you, and you can track orders (while minimising order errors). 

You can connect with new venues and promote new products. And, you can get valuable, easy-to-interpret data and insights to help you grow.

Customer places order
Customer places order
Customers can place orders ad-hoc, when they receive a reminder from you, or they can use automated standing orders.
You receive the order
You receive the order
You'll be notified about the order via email, and can also the view the order in real time via your dashboard.
Invoice syncs
Invoice syncs to accounts
The order will automatically sync with your accounting, and you can access previous and existing orders. This dramatically reduces errors.
Pick slip
Pick slip generated
Select the orders you want to print pick slips for.
order delivered
Customer order delivered
The 'proof of delivery' feature means you can deal with any issues immediately.
payment terms set
Control over payment
Customers can either be charged when the order is delivered. Or they can be charged when they make the order, or on payment terms that you agree on.
Auto settlement
Auto settlement
Payments are settled in to your bank account on the same day for credit card payments.
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Australia's #1 Wholesale Ordering Platform

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payments made easy

Stop chasing payments & increase your cash flow

You can gain complete control over when you get paid. No awkward conversations: just set upfront payment, payment on delivery, or on pre-agreed terms.

There's also automatic remittance advice every time funds settle. We integrate with a multitude of accounting and financial platforms - and you can enjoy auto-reconciliation with Xero and MYOB.


"Definitely less margin for error - for the customer and us. Depending on the day, if we were still doing things old school - it could be 3-8 hours saved, depending on the day."

Brenton Lang, Rustica Sourdough

“Using Ordermentum for invoicing and payments has allowed me to trade and grow through COVID. My customers pay when they place their order so I’m not worrying about chasing cash or waiting for payment. It also means I can easily take on a lot of new customers, and don’t have to worry about orders not being paid for.”

Diogo Ferreira, Tuga Pastries

"As anyone who owns a small business knows, collecting money can be a delicate topic, but they ultimately need to pay.”

Simone Clark, ButterBing

"Because our growth was so strong, we wanted to go to the next step. It’s now a superior makes your business smarter and it makes it more profitable going with platforms like Ordermentum."

Mancel Hickey, CEO, Saint David Dairy
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grow your business

Market your products &
know what works

You already know that Ordermentum gets you more orders, connects you with new customers -and makes payment easy as pie.
But you can also promote your products and gain powerful insights.

Showcase and promote products

Lift sales by up to 17% with your best product imagery. Highlight special deals and promotions in the ordering interface. 


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Custom products for each customer

Give your customers an up-to-date digital catalogue with customised pricing and products. 

Powerful reports give you an edge

You'll sleep better understanding how and when your customers order, their average order value, and where the opportunities and risks are.

Australia's #1 Wholesale Ordering Platform

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