"Connections" - The first home for your new customers

Customer onboarding is one of the most crucial parts of running a wholesale business. To help, we are revamping how you manage all new customer signups.

We’ve made major improvements to the sales funnel process for our wholesale suppliers, making it more sales team-focused so it’s easier for you to see and set up your brand new customers for success.

On Ordermentum, customers will connect with you all the time: whether they’ve followed your sign up links, scanned your QR code, or found you directly through Ordermentum, your team can use "Connections" to grow your business. With our latest update, we’ve made it even easier for you or your sales team to see and set up your brand new customers for success. 

The first update you’ll see on your Connections page is a clear view of every unprocessed connection request you’ve got waiting for your response, so you can set them up and turn them into loyal customers. This new flow is easy to understand and straightforward to use, making training new support or sales team members a breeze. 

You’ll see extra info on where a new connection has come from, whether they’re from one of your sign-up links, or if they found you on Ordermentum, either referred by you, or through Growth Engine. 

Suppliers in the early-access group loved the  ‘Waiting for first order’ tab  as it helped them clearly see when a customer needed more hand-holding, making it easy to give customers that great first experience.