Make overselling limited stock a thing of the past

Track your stock to help you avoid overselling, and improve your customer's ordering experience.

Tired of having to scramble when you oversell, process credit notes and adjust orders when you sell out of a limited stock? We got you.

In addition to being able to mark products as out-of-stock, you can now also easily set your stock levels within Ordermentum. This reduces the challenge and disappointment created by overselling, immediately improving both yours and your customers’ experiences!

Track stock on any product you want with a simple flick of a switch, and update your current quantity. This new feature is perfect for your sparsely stocked products such as specials you are running for a limited edition product. 

Ordermentum will reduce your quantities when each order comes in, and you can update your stock levels whenever they change. By using this feature, all products will still show as in stock or out of stock to venues - or tell them how many are left.

Of course, you can still decide to oversell products you’re tracking stock for -we know that a lot of you do this for products you have easy access to!