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Kim Teo from Mr Yum and Adam Theobald from Ordermentum, discuss the next wave of innovation, and how tech helps hospo venues get back to the customer and away from the admin.

The hospitality industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology, but there's no denying that the pandemic has accelerated digitisation.

With QR codes becoming mandatory, increased delivery, and cashless payment, it's become clear that the only way to keep up with a world in flux, is the adoption of technology that allows venues to ride each wave.  

For Day Four of our Beyond the Craft 2022 festival, Adam Theobald, Ordermentum's CEO, spoke to Kim Teo, CEO and Co-Founder of Mr Yum.

Mr Yum is a digital menu and web-based customer ordering and payment platform. They grew rapidly during COVID as venues rushed to change their operations to meet the demand for less interaction and faster service.

Now, over two years on from the initial storm, it's clear that venues have realised there are many advantages to a range of tech platforms. 

What's also become clear is that this is just the beginning of how tech is going to improve venue operations - and that venues who leverage various platforms will end up automating may business processes, and maximising time spent on what they love doing.  

Watch Kim and Adam's timely and relevant chat - and learn what's next for hospitality venues. 


What we discussed - and your key takeaways

  1. Why data sharing between different hospitality tech platforms will lead to better outcomes for venues. 
  2. How the best venues are differentiating their product and experience with tech. 
  3. How technology helped venues adapt to lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic - and what this will mean in the future. 

This was a seriously engaging chat between two hospo leaders with deep industry experience - and a genuine desire to see the venues grow and improve. 

Enjoy this conversation and please get in touch with if you have any questions or comments.

Sophie Paulin

Chief Marketing Officer of Ordermentum. Passionate about bringing the hospitality industry together, and helping the industry trade smarter.

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