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How Automation is Transforming the Coffee Roasting Business

Running a successful coffee roastery isn't just about sourcing and producing great coffee, it's also about making sure your processes are as efficient as possible so you can do more in less time. It's also about making sure you can focus on growing your business whilst giving your customers an exceptional experience. So how exactly can you make this a reality? With the magic of Automation.  

Simply put automation is about embracing tech and implementing digital tools to do all your roastery’s mundane admin duties as well as streamline your regular processes. It reduces the manual and repetitive tasks in your workflow, such as collecting wholesale orders, generating invoices, sending notifications, and processing payments.

Here are some of the ways automation is transforming the coffee roasting business.

1. Automation helps coffee roasters work faster and achieve maximum efficiency

The role of automation is to take over your repetitive and most time-consuming tasks, like taking customer orders over the phone, chasing late payments, creating invoices and delivery reports.

As a coffee roaster you are already flat out - from producing your products to all the admin work required to keep your business going - automating all those repetitive manual-heavy tasks will free up your time so you can focus on working on your business, not just in your business. 

2. Automation eliminates data entry issues and reduces delivery errors

Manually inputting orders in to spreadsheets or relying on old-school paper-based processes are the major reasons coffee roasters face wrong orders, disappointed customers and daily stress.  Automation can fix all of this. 

By using a dedicated tool that can automate the majority of your ordering process, you can see your wholesale orders appear straight in to your production or accounting systems without you having to manually type or count a thing. Effectively, eliminating data issues. What's more you can create correct invoices, generate pick slips, and deliver the right products to your customers every time.

3. Automation helps roasters save valuable time and money

Did you know that according to research out of America, the average cost to manually process an invoice is US$16.33. But with automation, it only costs about US$5.65. That’s a 65.4% saving in expenditure.

In Australia, several coffee roasters are already taking advantage of automation to make their business processes more efficient saving them a lot of time and money.

Kensington-based Rumble Coffee Roasters, for instance, has been leveraging technology to help them automate their most time-consuming tasks and make life just that little bit easier. We are so proud to have them on the Ordermentum platform.

According to Joe of Rumble Coffee Roasters, our platform has helped them manage their increasing number of clients and subsequent incoming orders, as well as help them scale their business without risk.

“The sooner you implement it, the easier it is to see your business grow, and you’ll wonder how you ever did anything differently,” he says. “When you’re on the verge of hiring an administration person to manage all your orders, that’s when alarm bells should be ringing to make the change, if not before.”

An automated ordering and payments platform can reduce your stress levels as you continue increasing your bottom line all whilst seamlessly meeting your customers’ expectations. It also frees up your staff’s time so you can have them focus on doing the work that requires the expertise and knowledge that you are paying them for. As Matt of Rumble Coffee Roasters says:

“At the end of the day, we’re roasters who love what we do. We didn’t get into this industry to chase payments and invoices and stress about collecting orders from clients who won’t answer the phone. We’d rather spend time serving our customers, sourcing better coffee and producing the best product we can.”

If you’d like to know more about Ordermentum and how it can help you transform your coffee roasting business, you can book a free demo here.

In the meantime, to read more business advice like this, head over to our blog.

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