We speak to ticker NEWS about the current challenges facing the hospitality industry

Founder and CEO of Ordermentum, Adam Theobald, speaks to ticker NEWS about the challenges facing the hospitality industry as lockdowns persist around the country.

Our founder, Adam Theobald appeared on ticker, a popular news streaming network, to speak about the current challenges facing the hospitality industry and what the near future looks like.

Adam spoke to ticker host Holly Stearns about the various lockdowns, noting the massive drops in hospitality trading volume the first time the country went into lockdown back in 2020. Fortunately, time has brought about a change in consumer behaviour, and the resilient hospitality industry has bounced back quickly from each subsequent lockdown. 

It’s great to see volumes pick up quickly whenever we open up, but there are still so many fears around how long current lockdowns will go on for, as well as the likely occurrence of future lockdowns in the coming months. 

Adam explains how Ordermentum is easing the pain of venues and suppliers by improving their cash flow process. This is one of the biggest concerns for suppliers and venues, and right now, it’s even more important to watch spending, to know when money goes out, and to have all this information in one central place. Technology solutions like Ordermentum make this much easier. 

Watch Adam’s interview with ticker to gain more industry insights, and see what’s next for Ordermentum as we continue to support venues and suppliers through COVID and beyond. 

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