Welcome to Ordermentum!

We are so thrilled that you've joined us! Here is a short explainer video that will give you insight in to the Ordermentum world, and will tell you about our journey to this point and what's next. 

There was a time when paper, text messages, emails, and last-minutes changes were a normal part of the supplier/venue relationship. But technology in the hospitality industry has come a long, long way, and Ordermentum has been instrumental in changing the way Australian venues and suppliers do business. 

In the video below, our CEO, Adam Theobald explains what Ordermentum is, our journey so far, and why and how we acquired Foodbomb in 2023. You'll find out how Ordermentum works with our suppliers and venues, and what's coming in the near future around data and AI. 


If you've got any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask! In fact, the more questions, the better. Again, welcome - we're so excited to work with you.