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Eliminating Production Errors to Save Time and Money

It’s 3pm, you're in front of your computer, and stress levels are high. Mobile phone in one ear, frantically keying orders into a spreadsheet as you field calls from your customers desperately trying to get their orders in before the 4pm cutoff. It's the busiest time of the day - so many orders are coming in! You’re not even sure if you really heard your customer ask for 5 blueberry Danishes, or if it was 9, but the number doesn't matter anyway - you later discover your spreadsheet autocompleted it to 'Danish - Apple'.

And just when you thought the manual work was over, your head baker tallied up all the products ordered and calculated the ingredients by hand, and somehow ended up making 10% more sourdough loaves than required. In your warehouse, meanwhile, your team has a standard picking and packing error rate of 10%, and when you’re about to compute how much those mistakes will cost you, a customer suddenly calls up complaining of late orders. Turns out, your driver overlooked their delivery.

Can you relate to this scenario?

Well, you're not alone.

This is a typical scenario in food and beverage businesses here in Australia. In fact, when we surveyed our network of 6,257 local retailers, we discovered that wrong orders and eliminating ordering errors were among the biggest challenges they face when dealing with suppliers. These errors don’t just impact time and resources, they also affect the overall credibility of your brand, and your customer service. It's important not to discount the impact your customer service has - when we asked what was most important in a supplier, 62% chose customer service related issues (compared to 15% who chose price).

Sometimes, these mistakes happen when your staff are stressed out and not paying attention to their jobs. But most of the time, they’re because of the “pen-and-paper method” you’re currently using. Paper-based systems are the biggest cause of wrong orders. It's inevitable when dealing with manual data entry, orders of the phone, manually tallying up production reports that there will be errors. On top of that, picking, packing and deliveries are an absolute minefield without a good system to manage them efficiently.

The solution to these troubles? Upgrade to a reliable order management system.

When you use a dedicated platform like Ordermentum, you’ll be amazed at the number of processes you can automate and the amount of manual data entry you can eliminate. Keep in mind: when you reduce your manual data entry, you dramtically reduce your ordering errors.

Ordermentum makes your entire order taking workflow seamless. It eliminates the steps where someone has to manually write or count an order. No more keying in large chunks of customer orders in your spreadsheet, no more calculating ingredients manually, and you virtually eliminate the industry average 10% data entry error rate.

With Ordermentum, here’s what your process would look like:


Ordermentum goes beyond your typical order management system. It provides a mobile ordering app that lets your customers get their orders in quickly and without the hassle. With the app, all they have to do is log in on their phone, choose the products they want to order, select a delivery day (they can also pre-schedule their orders in advance), submit. A simplified process like this means you no longer have to manually key orders into spreadsheet, since the digital system means their order is automatically, and accurately, synced straight into your system.


The best is not over yet. After placing their orders through the Ordermentum app, your customers will receive a instant confirmation of what they have ordered and when it will be delivered, along with their invoice. This eliminates any disputes over what was ordered, and if there is an error, the customer can pick it up straight away. 


Aside from having to take calls from all your customers, or type up emails and text messages, this is one of the biggest areas where you'll save time and resources. As soon as cutoff hits and you've received your customer orders (which are much more likely to be on time, as your customers will get a text message before cutoff with a link to order in just a few taps), you’ll get a production report that shows the total amount of orders, and individual products. This means no more accidental miscounts of products and ingredients, and no more product wastage.

On top of this, the orders are also synced automatically to your accounting systems, ensuring all the invoices are correct and eliminating the need for you to write up invoices and match orders all by yourself again.

Pick slips will also be generated. Meaning you'll never have to manually create pick slips again, and the error rate in your warehouse will be drastically reduced.


Looking at our recent Retailer Insights Survey, ‘faster delivery’ is one of the top things customers would like. It’s crucial that you make sure your deliveries are on time - which starts with an efficient delivery process. With Ordermentum, delayed deliveries can be dramatically reduced with driver/delivery run reports automatically created, reducing errors and late orders.

Ordermentum provides a seamless workflow. From taking customer orders accurately (and making sure they come in on time) and sending instant confirmations to generating correct invoices and driver runs - all of these processes are automated, leaving you with no stages where someone needs to do something manually. The best part? Not only will you save money by reducing your error rate, but with all this time saved you'll be able to focus on what really matters - growing your business, or taking that holiday you've always wanted.

If you’d like to know more about the app and how the system can be tailored to you, you can request a demo and chat to our team.

Ordering errors is one of the biggest problems food and beverage industry professionals are facing right now. When not addressed, they can create major inefficiencies that could hurt your brand and cause you to be wasting time, or worse - hemorrhaging money. The best way to avoid this is to eliminate manual data entry by leveraging the right technology. Remember, reduced manual data entry leads to reduced ordering errors.

For more how-to articles like this, visit the “How-to Guides” section on our blog.


Avlya Jacob

Avlya Jacob is a content writer at Ordermentum. When not working, she enjoys writing online novels and spending time with her husband.

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