Food Trends 101: Chocolates for Breakfast

The sweetest food trend that’s taking over Australia right now is something that we have always dreamed of: chocolates for breakfast!

rum and raisin brownies 2

rum and raisin brownies 2

The sweetest food trend taking over Australia right now is probably a dream come true for many - chocolate for breakfast!

Yes, you read that right - this sweet treat is no longer just for cravings and dessert time alone. In fact, according to food trend expert and culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group Liz Moskow, chocolates - particularly cakes - are expected to pop up on numerous breakfast menus as the year goes on.

So what’s the reason behind this latest trend?

Recently, numerous studies have shown that chocolate consumption in the morning is an excellent way to activate your brain function and can actually help you get through your work day better.

"There was a study that recently came out from Syracuse University re-touting the benefits of dark chocolate, specifically on cognitive function—abstract reasoning, memory, focus," says Liz Moskow. "The thought was eating chocolate prepares you more for your workday, so what better part of the day to incorporate dark chocolate into your meal than breakfast?"

The study discovered that eating chocolate habitually is associated with better performance on mini-mental state examination, scanning and tracking, working memory, and visual-spatial memory and organisation.

This is because chocolate contains cocoa flavanols, which are essential to positive cognitive function. High levels of cocoa flavanols are usually found in dark chocolate rather than in milk or white chocolate.

“Regular intake of cocoa flavanols may have a beneficial effect on cognitive function, and possibly protect against normal age-related cognitive decline,” the researchers in the study also reported.

Apart from improving your brain function, eating chocolate for breakfast can also help you lose weight.

In a study from Tel Aviv University, it was discovered that eating desserts for breakfast can actually help people lose weight because it reduces sugar cravings throughout the day. The idea behind it is to consume sweets in the morning when our body’s metabolism is at its most active and this will eventually cut down the extra calories.

"Combining those two studies and the likeability of having dessert for breakfast, we predict that breakfast might start seeing brunch amuse-bouche chocolate cakes or brunch and breakfast restaurants incorporating a robust dessert menu," Liz Moskow said.

Of course, not all chocolate dishes are created equal - especially if they are high in fat and sugar. It’s important to always go with options that are made with dark chocolate, raw cacao, and natural sweeteners.

If you need ideas, whether for your product range or menu or just for your own personal cravings, here are a few we’ve put together:



A thick and luscious breakfast dish that tastes like a chocolate mousse. It’s made with almond milk, raw cacao powder, maple syrup or raw honey, bananas, berries, and avocado.


rum and raisin brownies-1

Perfect as an on-the-go breakfast treat! These brownies are made with dark chocolate, brown sugar, cocoa, and rum.



Another recipe that can be made for busy customers. Cacao powder, almond milk, and fruits like bananas, strawberries, and avocado are the main ingredients of this quick chocolate fix.


red-velvet-cupcakesThis sweet treat is made with raw cacao powder and beetroot. You can choose to serve them with either cashew cheese topping or whipped coconut cream.


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