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How Defining Our Values Is Bringing The Ordermentum Vision To Life

At Ordermentum, we recently participated in a company-wide exercise in defining something very important – our purpose, our vision, and our core values.

Why did we do this? We believe that understanding why and how we do things is just as important as what we do at Ordermentum.

Everyone in the business – accounts, sales, marketing, customer support, engineering, data science – we all participated in surveys, focus groups, and discussions over the course of a few months. We shared many great conversations, giving input and feedback around what it meant to each of us to work together at Ordermentum. Our head of People and Culture led us through questions, like “What draws you to work for Ordermentum?” – questions around why we do what we do.

We arrived at an initial list of values that represented what we consider important and integral to our company identity. We refined and discussed these values with each other over further focus groups and sessions. From that, we settled on a set of values that we felt defines our company and culture.

First, our purpose: all of us at Ordermentum want to improve the lives of every person who creates and shares the food and drinks we all love.

And our vision: all of us at Ordermentum want to transform the food and beverage industry to trade smarter.

And here are our values!

All of us at Ordermentum value:

  1. Being humble in ourselves, and ambitious for the industry
  2. Having innovation and passion at our core
  3. Leading with empathy
  4. Building trust
  5. Holding ourselves accountable
  6. Teamwork to make our dream work

Defining our core values has helped Ordermentum work better – both in our interactions with each other and our customers.

We hope to share more about how we implement and champion these core values across our company activities.

We look forward to continuing working together with you in transforming the food and beverage industry!

Daniel Moi

Hi I'm Daniel! I'm one of the software engineers at Ordermentum. I write code and the occasional blog post.

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