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How Small Businesses Can Save Precious Time by Automating Boring Administrative Tasks

When you are running a small business, every minute counts. If you manage, say, a bakery that supplies cafes with fresh baked goods every day, then the more bread, pastries, and desserts you can bake, the more revenue you make. Time spent on administrative details doesn’t add to your bottom line. Australians waste a great amount of time on repetitive manual administrative tasks. Researchers found that in 63 percent of businesses, workers lost two to ten hours every week on these tasks. It seems like there has to be a better way — and there is. 

The digital revolution has opened up a new world of possibilities for small businesses. In the past, automating administrative tasks required a large investment that was beyond the reach of many businesses. But advances in technology have made fantastic automated systems accessible to almost all businesses, no matter what their size. There are multiple benefits to digitising your administrative tasks:

An Improved Customer Service

Think of how much time is wasted looking for documents and emails from customers and then creating and processing invoices. A good digital system will bring all of that together on one digital platform and automate the whole thing.
You no longer have to worry about all the details. That makes your billing processes more accurate and frees up your time to create more products and provide better personal service to your customers. 
All of that makes your customers happy. Happy customers make your business thrive.

A Streamlined Financial Administration

If you’re a small food supplier, you are always busy. Having to deal with taxes and accounting and tracking expenses takes a lot of time — time that you don’t have to spare. A study shows that a typical owner of a small business spends the equivalent of at least a day each month dealing with financial admin tasks. A digitalised system will get rid of that time wastage, freeing up time you can use to do what you love best.

A More Efficient Daily Process 

How do you keep track of your daily orders? If you are using some combination of spreadsheets and pen and paper for your B2B ordering process, you could save a significant amount of time by using time saving admin automation. You will gain efficiency and accuracy while losing stress and inconvenience.

Getting Paid On Time

A big problem for small businesses is chasing clients for payment when they’ve ignored their invoices. An automated system where your clients pay by credit card or direct debit enables you to get paid instantly.

Find the Right System for Your Business

You could buy a general business automation system, but that’s not ideal. Your industry is not exactly like other industries, so a system designed for other types of businesses won’t be a perfect fit. You may have to tinker to get it to do what you want — and even then, it still may not be quite right. That wastes time, and the whole purpose of getting a new system is to eliminate time wastage.

The All-in-One Solution for Small Food Suppliers

Ordermentum is custom-designed for small bakeries, coffee roasters, and dairy suppliers that sell their goods to cafes, restaurants, and bars. Every detail on the platform is designed with your business in mind.
With Ordermentum, your customers can effortlessly place their food and beverage orders, you can easily keep track of your orders, and you can be sure that you will get paid on time.
Ordermentum users save time and save money. They get rid of boring manual administrative tasks and spend more time creating great products for their customers.
Why don’t you try Ordermentum for yourself with this
free demo? Try it today, and find out what all the buzz is about.

Avlya Jacob

Avlya Jacob is a content writer at Ordermentum. When not working, she enjoys writing online novels and spending time with her husband.

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