Supplier Guide: Ordermentum Rewards for your customers

At the end of 2023, we unveiled our new loyalty program for the hospitality industry - Ordermentum Rewards, a program that gives back to Australia’s venue community of cafes, bars, restaurants, and food service.

What is Ordermentum Rewards?

Ordermentum Rewards is a free rewards program that incentivises venues on the Ordermentum network to trade smarter with their suppliers within the Ordermentum app.

Venues can convert their Ordermentum Rewards Points at any time to Qantas Points, thanks to our partnership with Qantas Business Rewards. One Ordermentum Rewards Point is equal to one Qantas Point.

This is our first iteration of Ordermentum Rewards, and we will be adding more redeem options for Ordermentum Rewards Points as the program grows. 

How does Ordermentum Rewards benefit suppliers? 

While suppliers cannot earn Ordermentum Rewards Points (yet), they benefit from the actions that venues are encouraged to take to earn points.

There are currently four ways that your customers can earn points:

1. Trading with a new Growth Engine supplier

  • Suppliers on Growth Engine can expect to see more orders coming in from new customers as the platform aims to create new, long-term trading relationships. Venues are encouraged to remain loyal to new suppliers by rewarding them for every dollar they spend with suppliers found through Growth Engine.

    If you’re not on Growth Engine, you can find out more and apply to join here. Once you join Growth Engine, your venues can earn points when they order from and/or pay you.

2. Paying their supplier through Ordermentum

  • If you spend too much time chasing payments every month, then now is a great idea to let your customers know that they can earn Ordermentum Rewards Points by adding their default payment settings for a supplier as credit card or direct debit. 

3. Adding additional users to their account

  • The more venue staff using the Ordermentum app, the more likely someone is to stumble upon (and resonate with) your product catalogue!

4. Integrating Ordermentum with their accounting platform

  • With our integrations, your invoices will go straight through to your venue’s accounting system.

Do suppliers need to do anything?

As a supplier, you don’t need to do a thing! Venues will be prompted to enrol for Ordermentum Rewards from within the app and can start earning points from the moment they join. 

However, we are developing Ordermentum Rewards and will be adding new ways for customers to earn points. If your business would like to offer Ordermentum Rewards Points to venues, please contact

If you’d like to learn more about Ordermentum Rewards from the perspective of your venue customers, check this page out