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Your Quarterly Product Demo - July 2022

To help you make the most of Ordermentum, we’ve got a simple wrap-up of all the super helpful features we released over the last 3 months. Watch the video for an in-depth demo or read the 1 minute blog!


Your new navigation

Your navigation menu got a design and colour refresh, making it look sleeker and feel nicer to use. Everything is still in the same place, just with a fresh, new design. You'll see much more of this over the next few months, as we build out even better ways to streamline and grow your business.

Highlighted products

Pick the products you want to stand out by giving them a badge that will show up on your digital catalogue! Choose from New, In season, Staff pick and Special.

Go to Products and edit an existing product or create any new product to experience this feature now.

About us

Is your ‘About us’ section on the Ordermentum app up to date for 2022? Previously, your Success manager would need to update it for you, but now you can now update it yourself!

Go to Settings > Branding

Service stats

Show your ‘Service Stats’ to potential customers. These include how quickly you respond to connection requests, how many venues you trade with, and your first order satisfaction rate. You can decide which stats you want to display to build trust with new customers.

Go to Settings > Branding


You can leave a ‘Note’ for new and existing customers, which they will see on the front page of your Digital Catalogue. Let them know about any new product specials, changes to delivery times... you name it!

Go to Settings > Branding

Growth Engine Video

Introduce your business in a short video to connect better with potential customers. Once you’ve got a video, talk to your Success Manager as we’ll need to upload it for you.

Automagically reconcile your payments with NetSuite

Save up to 3 hours every day and countless hours over the years to come with our latest addition to our NetSuite integration; automatic payment reconciliation. The businesses using this already now can’t imagine their lives without it.

Talk with your Success Manager about automatic reconciliation if you’re interested in finding out more.

Whether you’re a venue or a supplier, stay on top of how to get the most from Ordermentum. Check out all our product updates to stay up to date.

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Alexandra Hockey Parmenter

Product Marketing Manager at Ordermentum. Small town New Zealander turned Melbournite foodie, who's obsessed with her two tiny Yorkshire Terriers.

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