Supplier Marketing Hub

A resource for new suppliers on Ordermentum. Let your venue customers know you're on Ordermentum, so you can get more orders, fast.

Sign Up Links

Use easy to create unique tracking links and QR codes to track where your new customer leads come from.

We have set up a default sign up link for you to use to add to your website, email signatures, and social media to make it easier for your customers to order from you.

Each sign up link also has a QR code that you can use in your physical catalogues, business cards or as decals on vans and tracks.

How To Access Your Sign-Up Links


Access your link

Navigate to the Connections page within the Ordermentum platform. You can access your default sign up link by clicking on ‘Share sign up link’


Copy your link

Once you click "Share sign up link," a pop-up will appear. You can either copy your sign up link or download your QR code.


Use your link

Add your sign up link to your website, email signatures, social media posts, or physical flyers and brochures. You can create multiple sign up links for each channel. 

Where To Add Your Sign-Up Links

There are various touchpoints you can use Sign-Up Links:

  • On your homepage. Use clear and concise language in the hyperlink text with a call-to-action that encourages customers get ordering. Eg: Order now.


  • On the wholesale pages of your website - again with a compelling call-to-action

    sign up link - Ordermentum

  • Your email signature and business cards. Each salesperson or member of your team can have their own individual Sign Up Link. 

    sign up link

  • Your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn 


  • As QR codes in your physical catalogues, business cards, as decals on vans and trucks

    sign up link QR

You can monitor where sign-ups are coming from by looking at the ‘Source’ column in the Connections page.