Why coffee drinkers are shrugging off rising costs

Our CEO Adam Theobald speaks to the Australian Financial Review about our observations during the past few months as costs have risen and consumer confidence has fallen.

Coffee Drinkers Just Wont QuitOur CEO, Adam Theobald, recently spoke to the AFR about consumer spending in Australia.

We’ve been watching for any sign of weakness but so far, throughput has remained strong.

With over 650 suppliers on the Ordermentum network, we move about half of the speciality coffee in Australia. There’s been price rises in coffee and many other products sold on Ordermentum, but it appears that the average coffee consumer hasn’t pulled back on their coffee drinking.

In the AFR article, Adam says: “At this stage people are hanging on to their rituals.”

With COVID restrictions holding people back for nearly 2.5 years, it’s clear that drinking coffee and hospitality in general, are still favourite activities for Australian consumers.

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