Food Trends 101: Food Jenga

Who says full-grown adults cannot play with their food? One of the hilarious trends blowing up on Instagram right now is Food Jenga and it involves playing with your food by piling it up into high constructions!



Who says it's bad manners to play with your food?! 

One of the more fun food trends we are seeing on Instagram right now is Food Jenga and just like the name suggests it involves playing with your food by piling it up into high towers! 

Just as a reminder, the original Jenga is a classic party game where you stack wooden blocks to form a tall tower, then players take turns removing one piece at a time adding it to the top of the tower and making sure the whole thing doesn't crumble in the process.  Now Food Jenga is exactly the same except it's played at your dinner table and you get to eat the game once you're done!

You simply build tall towers out of churros, fries, or any solid food item of your choice by positioning three “bricks” horizontally and another three vertically and so on until you've built your tasty stack then like the original you pull out a piece and put it on top.

As you can imagine it can get pretty messy but it’s also super fun! Needless to say, it hasn't taken long for #FoodJenga to trend on Instagram. Here are a few of our favourites:

 Classic Food Jenga tower made out of fries:


This impressive tower out of fried mac and cheese sticks. Good luck to you when you pull out that  bottom piece!

This one’s pretty easy to make - the Biscuit Jenga:


Also: the Oreo Jenga!

And we think this is the most beautiful #FoodJenga we’ve ever seen!


We also love how restaurants and cafes are tapping into this quirky trend by using the #FoodJenga concept for their food presentation. Take a look at these:



So if you're keen to join the #FoodJenga fun we’ve got some tips for you: 

When you're first starting out use foods that are shaped roughly like real Jenga pieces - chunky french fries, churros, chocolate bars, veggie sticks or shortbread biscuits. Then once you've got the hang of building the tower you could use “next level” foods like doughnuts or even barbecue ribs. Just be sure to stack each level with spaces in between or it’ll be impossible to pull even one piece out. The food options are endless and we think the planning and set up will be just as rewarding as eating the towers!

So, are you sold on the Food Jenga trend? Would you play it or even just use it to plate up your food or show off your product range? If you are a fan don’t forget to snap a picture and share it on Instagram. Tag us, @ordermentum, too!

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