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Why sustainability is a growth opportunity for venues

We conducted a poll at the beginning of 2022 and found that 67% of our venues want to reduce waste and engage in sustainable practices in 2022.

That’s why, for our Beyond the Craft Festival 2022, we spoke to Michael Fox of Fable Food Co and Sam Sgambellone of ForPurposeCo about their views on sustainability in Australia and the easiest ways for venues to become greener. 


About our guests

Michael Fox was the  Co-founder of the  footwear-on-demand startup Shoes of Prey, and used this valuable experience, as well as his veganism, passion for healthy food, and his startup experience to co-found Fable Food Co. 

Fable Food Co develops and produce delicious meat alternatives based on mushrooms. They’ve had a meteoric rise and can be found in Guzman y Gomez, Grill'd, Acai Brothers and Fishbowl, as well as delivery services such as Marley Spoon and Dinnerly. In 2020, Fable Food Co launched in Harris Farm Markets and are also in Woolworths and Coles.

Sam Sgambellone  is an experienced hospitality professional, and is well-versed in various aspects of the hospitality industry.

He’s the head of ForPurposeCo. a profit-for-purpose social enterprise with people, planet and purpose at its heart.

As an innovative and entrepreneurial business focused on food and waste technology, ForPurposeCo exists to enhance the mission of OzHarvest - a food rescue organisation - and creates sustainable revenue streams for them. 

ForPurposeCo  seeks out and invests in  ideas that will delight a customer, solve a world problem and generate revenue. 

What we discussed 

Since the hospitality industry is integral to the what and the how, it’s important to think about how the industry is going to change as the world changes to align itself with a more sustainable approach. 

Michael and Sam come up with some gems. Amongst other things, we discuss:

  • What sustainability means in the context of hospitality venues
  • Why sustainability can be leveraged for growth and can actually help a venue’s bottom line
  • What can a business owner in food service do to become more sustainable (the quick fixes, the harder fixes, and the hardest ones!)
  • Why meat alternatives are becoming more popular and how they can be integrated easily in to menus 
  • Why technology and hospitality combined can lead to more sustainable venues 
  • Misconceptions about sustainability in the context of hospitality venues
  • What we should be excited about (there’s actually good news!). 

This is an easy to way for anyone in the hospitality industry to get across what they could be doing to future-proof their business.

Watch now and please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. 

Esha Thaper

Hospitality lover, food researcher, amateur chef, budding barista, and writer of content at Ordermentum.

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