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Food Trends 101: Giant Wheels of Cheese

As the weather cools down the food choices heat up and what better way to indulge on a cold blustery night than with... Giant Wheels of melted Cheese! 

More specifically we’re talking about the Swiss delicacy Raclette, a meal of melted cheese scraped and poured over vegetables, cornichons, cured meats or really what ever your heart desires!

Its popularity, outside of Europe seems to have begun when this Insider video, featuring the Raclette NYC restaurant, went viral on social media. Now it seems that people can't get enough of this latest savoury trend.

In fact Melbourne is already home to several restaurants serving Raclette.

raclette-cheese-2Image: Raclette Cheese


At the Prahran Market, a shop named Maker and Monger has become the go-to spot for people wanting to satisfy their craving for bubbling, hot melted cheese. They are famous for their traditional Raclette that’s flamed and scraped over potatoes, mushrooms, and cornichons. Other cheese dishes like the all-American grilled cheese sandwich, Mac n Cheese, and a fondue-inspired grilled cheese sandwich can be found on their menu, too.

Then there is Smithward in Collingwood. If Raclette cheese and wine sounds like a favourite pairing, then you must add this local bar to your hit list. They specialise in big flavour Victorian wines complemented by bubbling Raclette cheese dishes. A must-try from the menu: freshly baked Rac’ n’ Mac topped with creamy grilled Raclette!

smithward-mac-n-cheeseImage: Smithward's Rac’ n’ Mac topped with Raclette cheese

Over on the West Coast, Perth is also taking melted cheese to a whole new level. Restaurants Bloody French, Lot Twenty, and Woodpeckers all serve delicious grilled Raclette cheese meals and there is even a food truck called French In Town that delivers Raclette straight to your door! Fun fact: You can hire this mobile caterer and throw a raclette party at your place - they will take care of everything.

Sydney, meanwhile, is home to the “cheesiest” cafe in Australia. The guys at Bare Grill in Bourke Street melt giant wheels of Raclette cheese and pour it on top of their mouth-watering American burgers. There are 15 burger options to choose from.

bare-grill-racletteImage: Bare Grill's Raclette on burgers

Raclette cheese is definitely the ultimate comfort food and therefore the perfect winter dish. Its unique concept and delicious taste are just some of the reasons we've seen this very European food trend ooze on to the scene. As a bakery or cafe owner you might want to look in to the Raclette trend and see if you can scrape out a niche for yourself with this seasonal dish. 

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Avlya Jacob

Avlya Jacob is a content writer at Ordermentum. When not working, she enjoys writing online novels and spending time with her husband.

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